April 30th, 2012

DensBits Releases World's First Embedded TLC Flash Solution As A True MLC Replacement

DB3610, a Memory ModemTM-powered 3 bits/cell (TLC) eMMC controller, provides for extreme reliability with unparalleled performance, accommodating the storage needs of the most demanding smartphones and tablets, all while enjoying 30% cost savings 

Haifa, Israel, April 30, 2012. DensBits has announced today the release of its latest generation embedded Flash controller solution, DB3610, supporting eMMC 4.41 (4.5 ready) host interface. DB3610 supports the latest 2Xnm and 1Xnm TLC Flash memories (ONFI 2.3, Toggle NAND 2.0), with an extreme endurance figure of more than 10K P/E cycles. This is in addition to unparalleled Read/Write performance of up to 95MB/s / 65MB/s and 4,000 IOPS / 1,100 IOPS (4KB), for sequential and random operations, respectively. DB3610 employs DensBits' revolutionary Memory ModemTM technology that enables a native TLC solution with more than double the endurance of 2 bits/cell (MLC), and near-MLC Read/Write performance.

The Memory ModemTM is composed of jointly-designed, all-proprietary ECC, DSP, and Flash Management solutions, specifically designed to account for the unique problems of advanced Flash memories. DensBits' proprietary ECC solution, regardless of its application to Flash, represents a scientific breakthrough, outperforming, by far, the industry's best ECC implementations including LDPC. The DSP technology optimizes Read/Write performance by, among others, boosting TLC program performance by more than 60%. A two-level Flash Management layer - a lower level, and an upper level – consists of an ECC/DSP-matched lower level to further increase reliability, and a hybrid page/block upper level management to boost performance.

"DB3610 is a testament to our technology leadership, being the only company providing a TLC Flash solution with extreme reliability and performance that can easily replace MLC Flash in embedded applications, while enabling a 30% cost savings across the board," said Amir Tirosh, DensBits' EVP Marketing and Business Development. "We're also currently working on extending our offering to SSDs in both consumer and enterprise applications."

“As the roadmap for NAND Flash memory technology slows down considerably in the coming years, TLC-based solutions will be imperative to drive further cost reductions and expand the market for smartphones, tablets and other embedded applications,” said Gregory Wong, Founder and Principal Analyst with Forward Insights. “The potential for a TLC solution to replace MLC without incurring reliability and performance degradation is a significant milestone.”

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