August 13th, 2015

DensBits' CTO to Lecture in 2015 Flash Memory Summit

Santa Clara Convention Center


Come and Hear DensBits' CTO Lecture on "Reliability Factors in Next Generation NAND Flash Devices" on Thursday, August 13th, 8:30 - 10:50 Forum E-31: Flash Controller Design Options

With the push to lower planar NAND technology nodes (lower than 16nm), and with the introduction of 3D NAND, new factors affect the reliability of NAND devices. In this talk we intend to discuss some of these factors, and their effect on existing reliability enhancement schemes and some possible solutions.

NAND technology has undergone some impressive improvements which allow the continuous scaling of NAND devices, even below 15/16nm which was previously thought to be the last planar NAND node. Some issues, such as retention stress, were tackled and improved while other have become critical.  One example is “Hard Errors” which impacts the reliability advantage due to soft decoding. Amongst other things, we shall define this reliability factor and show its effect on existing reliability scheme under various stress cases.

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