August 5th, 2014

DensBits' CTO to Lecture in 2014 Flash Memory Summit

Santa Clara Convention Center


Come and Hear DensBits' CTO Lecture on "Enabling 3D NAND Devices of the Future" on August 5th, 9:45 - 10:50am, Session 102-A: 3D Flash: The Next Deminsion (Hardware Track)

Limits on further NAND scaling pushed NAND manufacturers to stack NAND gates in the vertical axes in what is known as 3D NAND. Current 3D NAND devices returned to older manufacturing processes and depend on stacking to obtain required capacity gain.

For cost effectiveness, future 3D NAND geometry will need to scale down and this will introduce new challenges, some of which are present in current 2D planar NANDs and some of which are new due to the 3D structure. Challenges include more sources of cell to cell coupling, block to block disturbances and coupling and others. Challenges affect both memory modem technology as well as Flash Translation Layer.

In this lecture we will address advance controller technology to tackle these challenges and review some solutions.

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